Zoom Template

Before You Join

Before you join the live webinar, you’ll need to download and install the Zoom client. This client is available for Mac and Windows computers, and iOS and Android devices. Download it here:

You can also learn more about using Zoom on Mac and Windows, iOS and Android platforms.

Attend the Live Webinar

After you’ve downloaded and installed the client, you’re all set. Click below to join the webinar, and your browser will automatically redirect you to the Zoom client installed on your computer or device.

Click to join the discussion

After you have joined the meeting, you can adjust your audio or submit a question to the panel.

If you have installed the Zoom client and it is prompting you for a meeting ID number, enter the number 591-106-186.

Zoom Join Meeting Screenshot


Having trouble connecting? No problem. Follow these steps to get connected quickly using Zoom.

If you’re unable to successfully troubleshoot your connection, you can attend the live webinar with an alternate connection.

All Platforms

  1. Make sure you have downloaded the Zoom client; it is available for Mac and Windows, iOS and Android platforms.
  2. Once the Zoom client is installed, you can find more information about using the client on Mac and Windows, iOS and Android clients.
  3. If you open the Zoom application manually you won’t be able to directly join the meeting. Click the “Join the Discussion” image above to join the meeting; this will pass the correct Meeting ID to the Zoom client.

Mac and PC

  1. Troubleshooting video and screen sharing issues
  2. Troubleshooting audio issues


  1. Troubleshooting iOS video issues
  2. Troubleshooting iOS audio issues


  1. Troubleshooting Android video issues
  2. Troubleshooting Android audio issues