Top 10 Teams

Here are the top 10 teams chosen by the VisitND Challenge committee. Each of these teams will build their mobile campus tour between now and October 31st. Best of luck to each team!

Notable Notre Dame People

Erin Aucar, Joseph Driano and Alexander Hansen

Dorm Life

Michael Martinez and Kristopher Moran


Kevin Wilkins and Ryan Sweeney

Holy Cross Heritage

Brendan Ryan, CSC, Brogan Ryan, CSC and Stephen Barany, CSC

Dorm Life

Conor Triplett, Katie Santanello and Patrick Tingleff

The uNDiscovered Tour

Nicholas Carroll, Mati Nemera and Connor Tomshack


Patrick McGuire and Sean McMahon

Secrets of Notre Dame

Jennifer Lardner, Laura Shute, Gillian Shaw and Rebecca Shute

Night Tour

Mark Roche, Gillian Shaw and Laura Shute

Senior Bucket Tour List

Imani Parker-Robinson