VisitND Challenge

Challenge Winners Announced!



Congratulations to the Kevin Wilkins and Ryan Sweeney of the History of Notre Dame team for winning both the 1st place prize as well as the Modo Labs special prize! Awards for the VisitND Challenge were announced Tuesday, December 1st. The winners were:

  • 1st Place: History of Notre Dame (Kevin Wilkins and Ryan Sweeney)
  • 2nd Place: Campus Pilgrimage (Brogan Ryan, CSC; Brendan Ryan, CSC; and Stephen Barany, CSC)
  • 3rd Place: Notable Notre Dame People (Erin Aucar, Joe Driano and Alexander Hansen)
  • Modo Labs Special Prize: History of Notre Dame (Kevin Wilkins and Ryan Sweeney)

In addition, all teams that did not receive 1st or 2nd place received a $250 team prize.

Congratulations to each team for their fantastic campus tours! All six finalist tours are still available for viewing in the ND Mobile App.

About the Challenge


Welcome to the VisitND challenge! VisitND is a campus competition to build the best mobile campus tour for the ND Mobile app. The goal of the tour is to improve the guest experience by providing information on points of interest around campus. All current Notre Dame students are eligible to participate.

The Challenge is sponsored by Notre Dame’s Office of the Executive Vice President, SAP, Innovation Park, Modo Labs and the Office of Information Technologies.

The VisitND Challenge allows students (individuals or teams of up to 5 students) to compete to build a great mobile tour for campus. Individuals and students can register for the competition now. As part of the registration, each individual/team will be asked to submit a one-page description of their ideal Notre Dame tour, including up to 25 stops, and why those stops were chosen. Tours should be constructed along a theme. Suggested themes include (but are not limited to):

  • General
  • Spiritual
  • Athletic
  • Trees
  • Sculptures
  • Student life
  • Prospective students

From the registrations, ten entries will be selected to build their tour. The tours will then be judged, and five finalists will advance. Those five tours will be made available for the public to review the weekend of the Wake Forest game, and campus visitors will be encourage to take the tours and provide feedback. The top three tours will then be awarded prizes.

The tours will be built within the ND Mobile app. The ten entries selected to build a tour will be given access to a private development environment to create their tour. No coding experience is necessary, but some very basic HTML can help. Training on how to use the environment to build the tour will be provided, and support will be available if help is needed.

Participating in the Challenge

The VisitND Challenge has ended and the winners have been announced.

Challenge Rules

  • The tour must be built within the provided environment.
  • The tour must contain a maximum of 25 stops.
  • Each tour stop must contain a one-paragraph description, a high-quality image of the stop, and a high-quality one-minute video with audio overview of the stop
  • By entering the Challenge, each participant grants Notre Dame all rights to created work.
  • The entry must be the participant’s original work created for the Challenge.
  • Any prize money awarded is subject to applicable taxes. Prize winners will be required to provide sufficient tax reporting documentation prior to any prize money being awarded.

Schedule of Events

  • September 21st – One-page proposal submission deadline (5pm)
  • September 25th – Top 10 entries announced Check out the top 10 teams!
  • September 28th – Development environment made available to each participating team
  • October 31st – Tour submission deadline (5pm)
  • November 6th – Top six tours announced
  • November 13th – Top six tours made available to campus visitors
  • November 20th – Last day to submit app feedback
  • December 1st – Winners announced & prizes awarded


First Prize: $2,500 cash (one prize per team)
Second Prize: $1,000 cash (one prize per team)
Third Prize: SAP jackets for the entire team
Modo Labs special award: $1,000 cash given to the finalist chosen by Modo Labs for the best use of their platform


Thank you to the generosity of the departments and companies that helped to make this challenge a reality.

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