Current Projects

As mobileND progresses, information and updates on the projects and initiatives mobileND helps to plan and execute will be listed here. Our goal is to share mobileND’s goals and progress with campus so all of Notre Dame may work together in becoming a mobile-ready and mobile-first university.

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Notre Dame is providing a campus mobile device management solution with AirWatch; learn more about using it in your department.


In partnership with Auxiliary Operations and Radius Networks, beacons are being piloted on campus as both a marketing and research tool as a way to better deliver location-based information and alerts, as well as better learn how population densities change in different campus spaces. mobileND’s student developers are working to better understand beacon technology, how it can be applied across campus and how to best analyze user location data to better serve our campus community.


DevLab is intended to provide students, faculty and staff with resources and infrastructure to conduct research and facilitate app development in Amazon Web Services. Using managed environments provided by the Office of Information Technologies, DevLab will provided campus with inexpensive or free AWS resources to allow them to focus on development and coding instead of building up resources or configuring servers. This service will also be available to faculty looking to rapidly provision resources for courses utilizing this type of environment.

Digital Publishing

Over 99% of the Class of 2019 brought smartphones with them to campus this year, and 33% brought a tablet. Students today expect all their content to be available digitally, and Notre Dame needs robust solutions to answer that call. In addition, there are greater needs than ever to limit the amount of printing that takes place on campus by providing a superior alternative. The Office of Information Technologies is working with the Office of Digital Learning to provide a campus solution for faculty, students and staff to self-publish digital material in a variety of forms, from iBooks and PDFs to ePub and even apps.

iPad Lease Program

Now in its 3rd year, the iPad lease program manages the use of 150 4th-generation iPads to students in courses that have elected to utilizes tablets. Students are able to lease an iPad for a nominal fee and have use of the device for the entire semester. In addition, mobileND works with faculty to best utilize the device in each course, helping to transform both the teaching and learning experiences.

Expansion of the ND Mobile App

While the ND Mobile app has been a tremendous success, more can be done to increase its usefulness to campus. Some current efforts include: