VisitND Challenge: Winners Announced

Author: Matt Willmore


Winners of the VisitND Challenge were awarded their prizes on Tuesday, December 1st at Innovation Park at Notre Dame. Judging and choosing a winner was extremely tough, and the scores were very close. The winners are:

  • 1st Place ($2,500): History of ND (Kevin Wilkins and Ryan Sweeney)
  • 2nd Place ($1,000): Campus Pilgrimage (Brogan Ryan, CSC; Brendan Ryan, CSC; and Stephen Barany, CSC)
  • 3rd Place (SAP jackets): Notable Notre Dame People (Erin Aucar, Joe Driano and Alexander Hansen)
  • Modo Labs Special Prize ($1,000): History of ND (Kevin Wilkins and Ryan Sweeney)

In addition, all teams that did not receive 1st or 2nd place received a $250 team prize.

Congratulations to each team for their fantastic campus tours! All six finalist tours are still available for viewing in the ND Mobile App.

Thank you to the VisitND Challenge Sponsors: Notre Dame’s Office of the Executive Vice President, SAP, Innovation Park at Notre Dame, Modo Labs and Notre Dame’s Office of Information Technologies.