ND Mobile App: New Laundry Module Launched

Author: Matt Willmore

iPhone 6 with Laundry module showing available locations

Today, the ND Mobile app added a new and improved Laundry module to better serve students. In the past, the app linked to an external web page and required additional taps to see if a particular location had available washers or dryers. Starting today, the Laundry module will display machine availability at each location on the front the app; students can then tap a location to get more information about what machines are available or how much time is left on a machine. Locations can sorted by name, availability or status (which changes when location is fully in use or out of service).

The ND Mobile app is available for iOS and Android devices, as well as all devices at m.nd.edu. More information on ND Mobile and download links are available at mobile.nd.edu/app.