Transit Module Launches

Author: Matt Willmore


The latest module to be added to ND Mobile is Transit, which allows users to request rides from NDSP’s O’SNAP ride service right from their device. O’SNAP is a free transportation service provided by Notre Dame students working for university security and is designed to promote the safety of all who walk on the Notre Dame campus. The module also presents the campus shuttle schedule in a concise, easy to read format viewable by pickup location. The module also provides links to information on TRANSPO and Coach USA bus services.

An especially unique element of this module is that it was developed entirely by Notre Dame students. The module itself was developed by Kyle Koser (2016 graduate in Computer Science) and Zach Waterson (2016 graduate in Computer Science) using the app’s Kurogo platform. A separate backend service to manage and assign O’SNAP ride requests was developed entirely by Waleed Johnson (2015 dual-major graduate in Computer Engineering and Studio Art) using Node.js. Both efforts are hosted in Amazon Web Services (AWS) as part of OIT’s Cloud First initiative.

ND Mobile is available from the iOS App Store and Android’s Google Play Store; it’s also available for all devices at More information on the ND Mobile app is available at