ND Mobile App: Three Months In

Author: Matt Willmore

On Friday, April 11th, Notre Dame launched the ND Mobile app for iOS, Android and on the web at m.nd.edu. Three months after the launch, we wanted to provide some data points on the app’s usage, as well as what’s in the pipeline.

How many people have downloaded ND Mobile?

July 2014 App Downloads

As of July 11, ND Mobile has been downloaded by 6,053 users (multiple downloads by the same user on different devices don’t count as additional downloads). Of these downloads, roughly 83% of the downloads were from the iOS App Store; this follows the traffic on m.nd.edu prior to the app’s launch, which had 79% of it’s traffic from iOS devices.

How many people are using ND Mobile?

July 2014 Usage Chart - GA

Across the iOS and Android apps, as well as on m.nd.edu, ND Mobile has been used on over 23,000 devices since ND Mobile launched! We peaked when the app was announced and have maintained a consistent, steady stream of users throughout the summer. With school starting up in late August, we’ve been working to communicate ND Mobile and its features to campus, and we’re excited to see the traffic increase again.

During this summer, the app has been accessed by 300-600 users per day. On average, they spend 1 minute and 43 seconds per session and will visit 4-5 pages during that session.

What devices are being used with ND Mobile?

The top 10 devices used to access ND Mobile are:

  1. Apple iPhone (78% of devices!)
  2. Samsung Galaxy S3
  3. Samsung Galaxy S4
  4. Apple iPad
  5. Apple iPod
  6. Kyocera Hydro
  7. HTC M7 One
  8. Motorola Droid Razr 4G
  9. Samsung Galaxy S2
  10. Motorola Droid Razr HD

As you can see, it’s a very long tail of devices after the iPhone. We can’t count on that forever, and it’s for that reason we invested in a platform that provides both iOS and Android native apps, as well as a mobile app platform. This means that regardless of what phone is in your pocket, ND Mobile is ready for you.

Which ND Mobile features are most popular?

The people have spoken: dining menus are by far the most popular feature of ND Mobile.

App Popularity - Welcome Edition

App Popularity - Current Students Edition

The app has two “editions”, which are different views available to users depending on their affiliation with Notre Dame. The default view is “Welcome to ND” which provides information valuable to anyone who downloads the app. The second view, “Current Students”, is aimed specifically at ND students and contains additional modules including Laundry and Mobile Printing. Look for other student-only modules coming soon.

One area of focus for ND Mobile in the future is better informing users that the “Current Students” edition is available. Because the edition selector is “below the fold” (you have to scroll down to see it), most users are unaware and continue to use the “Welcome to ND” edition. We know this because the vast majority of traffic comes through the Welcome edition. We are currently working on ways to best educate our users while not diminishing the user experience.

What does the future hold?

We are excited about what is in the works for ND Mobile. Along with continuing to improve the user interface and make our existing features even better, several possibilities are in various stages of progress, including:

  • Management of your campus ID card (Irish1Card)
  • Tracking location of TRANSPO buses
  • Tracking location of O’SNAP SafeRide carts
  • Indoor mapping of buildings
  • Orientation/back-to-school information
  • Sakai

These are all tentative; stay tuned to mobile.nd.edu and subscribe to the newsletter (form on this page) for future updates.

In summary, thank you to everyone for your support and use of ND Mobile; we are working hard to make the experience even better. If you have any questions or feedback, please do not hesitate to contact us on the mobileND site or by emailing mobile@nd.edu.