Course Schedule and Grades on Your Mobile

Author: Jon Crutchfield

The OIT, in partnership with the Registrar, is happy to announce the beta launch of two new resources in the Academics section of Course Schedule and Grades. Just in time for the start of the new school year, students can now see their detailed class schedules on the run, and touch the room to see the building location on an interactive map. They can also check final term grades as soon as they are posted.

Our campus administrative systems vendor, Ellucian (formerly SunGard Higher Ed), released their first mobile services last year as native apps for smartphones. We felt that developing native apps for multiple platforms with a new development environment was too much to ask of an already stretched OIT Enterprise Systems team. So last summer we hired Andrew Schubert, son of OIT engineer Eric Schubert, as a summer intern. Andrew spent last summer re-engineering the Ellucian grades and schedule modules to work as web apps. This summer Andrew was able to complete the work using the latest release of the Ellucian mobile modules. He also took the web apps to the next level by improving the responsiveness of data retrieval, and adding features like displaying class buildings and student current location on