Mobile App Idea Contest Update

Author: Jon Crutchfield

Congratulations to all the contestants for presenting fantastic and innovative ideas at the Mobile App Idea Contest. We had total of 18 entries and the apps ranged from informational to educational games and from collaborative communication to helpful tools that could potentially save lives. The top 3 entries are the following:

1st place: S.O.S. by Matt Fitzgerald

S.O.S. is an app idea where users would enter their medical information prior to traveling abroad so that all information are conveniently on hand if an emergency situation were to occur.

2nd place: Tokyn by Mackenzie Kraft and Caroline Bernardi

Tokyn allows for listing of gifts in order to prevent duplication and unwanted gifts.

3rd place: Inkle by Jacob Wenger, Chad Heise, and Julie Wamser.

The mobile version of their already existing site, Inkle, will allow users to post where they will be at on a particular weekend night and share it with their friends.