Notre Dame Mobile Summit


Location: Eck Hall of Law

Feel free to attend one or all of the sessions as your schedule allows. Don’t skip class just for us.

9:00 – 9:30 a.m. Eck Hall of Law, Room 2130

Networking (refreshments provided)

Enjoy refreshments while talking with other mobile-interested people from around campus.

9:30 – 10:15 a.m. Eck Hall of Law, Patrick F. McCartan Courtroom, Room 1170

Mobile U | Mobile devices and the future of research and teaching

Elliott Visconsi, Associate Professor of English at Notre Dame

10:15 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. Eck Hall of Law, Patrick F. McCartan Courtroom, Room 1170

Mobile at ND | Where are we, and where are we going

Jon Crutchfield, mobileND Program Manager
Notre Dame Mobile Strategy | Looking Back to Look Forward

  • Sharif Nijim, IT Architect
    The Pebble Effect | Come and discuss how the Box and Google services are transforming the way campus works, collaborates, and innovates.
  • Lisa MacKenzie, Distributed Support Services, OIT
    iPad Use for Building Services Custodial Supervisors | Discussion of how Building Services’ Custodial Supervisors have benefitted from utilizing the iPad as a mobile desktop in their role in managing staff who clean academic spaces, administrative buildings and residence halls.
  • Chas Grundy, ND Family and Digital Strategist, Department of Development
    A Tale of Two Apps | Development and University Communications produced two iPad apps for Development’s internal use, relying on two completely different technology frameworks and platforms. Find out how we created, published, and distributed these internal apps, as well as some of the pitfalls along the way. Plus, get the first public look at these apps.
  • Chris Poellabauer, Associate Professor, Computer Science and Engineering
    Mobile Systems Research and Education | Outlines several ongoing projects that utilize mobile devices to help ND researchers to learn about device and network usage, to design and test novel mobile-based healthcare tools, and to train students in app development for real-world problems. 
  • Kyle Koser and Zach Waterson, Class of 2016
    From Idea To App In 48 Hours | Discuss the creation of their game “Q&A”, the winning app of the September Computer Club Mobile App Hackathon.
  • Steve Hayman, Apple Consulting Engineer

12:00 – 1:15 p.m. Tent behind Sorin’s (Morris Inn)

Lunch from Sorin’s (registration required)

A delicious lunch shared with fascinating people from around campus.

1:15 – 2:30 p.m. Multiple Classrooms, Eck Hall of Law

Lightning Sessions | Choose one of the three sessions below to see a collection of presentations and ask questions.

Coding for Mobile Devices, Patrick F. McCartan Courtroom, Room 1170

  • Tim Flanagan, Associate General Counsel
    Breaking the Code:  Who Owns Rights in Software? | An overview of the interaction between copyright law, policy, and contract in the ownership of software code.
  • Erik Runyon, Technology Lead, University Communications: Web
    RESS (Responsive Design with Server-Side components) | Responsive design is a fantastic tool, but it has great potential to be abused. By using RESS, we can improve the experience for devices by tailoring the content and experience to the device capabilities.
  • Robin Schaaf, Sr. Applications Developer, Hesburgh Libraries
    Quick, easy and beautiful mobile site development using the jQuery Mobile Framework (No jQuery Experience Required!) | jQuery Mobile is an HTML5 based framework that works on all devices (including desktop).  You only design and code once -  and jQM will handle all of the page transitions, theming and responsiveness for a unified look to your cross-platform mobile sites.  I will demonstrate how easy development and theming is by showing how to create an attractive basic site using jQuery Mobile and ThemeRoller.
  • Jay Rizzi, Data Analyst/Web Developer, Development
    Responsive: HTML5 History API & Smart Partial Page Updates | Responsive web design is about a lot more than the size of your screen. This talk is about about how to utilize HTML5 history API to handle links, the url bar, partial page updates, and correct infinite scrolling.
  • Brandon Rich, Senior Application Specialist
    Mostly Cloudy: Instant Cross-Platform Collaboration with Parse | The need for mobile applications to store and share data in the cloud has given rise to businesses that provide “backend as a service.” These companies seek to make the creation and maintenance of remote data storage as simple as possible. In this presentation, I will use BaaS provider Parse to demonstrate how easy it can be to share data across application instances and platforms.

Delivering Content and Services to Mobile Devices (Room 1310)

  • Chris Clark, Assistant Director, Kaneb Center
    LiveCode Overview | A quick look at a tool that lets you develop on a Mac, PC or Linux box and then deploy to Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, or Android.
  • Matt Willmore, IT Support Engineer, Arts & Letters Computing
    Rethinking the Textbook with iBooks Author and the iPad | Overview of efforts to take existing and new University course content and adapt it to the iPad using iBooks Author.
  • Pat Miller, Associate Director, Enterprise Systems
    Mobile Web Grades and Course Schedules | Our campus administrative systems vendor released their first mobile services last year as native apps for smartphones. Enterprise Systems and Academic Technologies decided to release these services as mobile web application to reduce the maintenance required.  The project was completed this summer by an ES intern and was enhanced with CAS authentication,  improved data performance and building location links to  Presentation will give overview of architecture/technologies used and usage statistics since release.
  • Brian Burchett, Manager, Technology Enhanced Learning Spaces; and Tom Marentette, Video Services Specialist, Communication Services
    It’s Not All About Apps | The feature phone is not dead, and its use in the developing world with basic communication services like SMS are still very relevant. We’ll discuss the use of a free open sourced SMS gateway to collect data for the ND Haiti Program using existing mobile (feature) phones, while keeping the solution appropriate and sustainable.
  • Tim Flanagan, Associate General Counsel
    Cleared for Takeoff: Rights Management in Digital Content | Copyright considerations related to incorporating digital content in your service.

Using Mobile Devices (Room 1315)

  • Mike Chapple, Senior Director, Enterprise Support Services; Concurrent Assistant Professor
    Wireless Presenting for $29.99 | In this presentation, we’ll do a live demonstration of using iPhones and iPads to make classroom presentations without a computer.  Using Keynote, the iPhone can act as a remote control to advance the slides on your iPad, giving you the freedom of mobility while retaining access to your notes.
  • Cedric Strickland, mobileND Student Programmer/Technician
    Life Without Smartphones… Not Likely! | This will be a quick look into how mobile devices have become an integral part of the daily lives of Notre Dame students.
  • Tim Flanagan, Associate General Counsel
    BYOD: Your Device, but Whose Information? | Legal and policy considerations related to the use of personal devices in the workplace.
  • Julian Velasco, Associate Professor of Law
    iPad: The Academic Workstation | The iPad has transformed the way I, as an academic, work. At least 75% of my job – from teaching, to reading, to drafting – I do with the iPad rather than a traditional computer or laptop.  I’ll discuss how the iPad has transformed the way I work.
  • David Seidl, Director of Information Security
    Lockdown: 10 minutes to secure your iOS or Android mobile device and data | Learn how to secure your mobile device and data. Notre Dame’s quick device lockdown guide will be explained, with a quick run through for iOS, Android, and data security.

2:45 – 4:15 p.m. Eck Hall of Law, Patrick F. McCartan Courtroom, Room 1170

Building Apps | Getting started with Apple’s app development tools.

Steve Hayman, Apple Consulting Engineer