Have questions about the App Challenge? Look here for your answer; if you don’t find it, email mobile@nd.edu and we’ll get your question answered right away.

Who can enter the Challenge?

Any current student, staff or faculty member at Notre Dame’s main campus can enter the App Challenge.

How late can I register?

Registrations will be accepted through Friday, September 23rd, 2016.

I have never programmed or made an app. Can I participate?

Absolutely; all you need is a great idea, and we’ll help with the rest. The first two round are about prototyping and refining your app idea. The third and final round is where we build the apps. If you advance to the third round and you or your team have the programming chops to build your app, awesome. If not, we will pair you with a student developer hired by us to work with you and bring your creation to life.

Who is sponsoring the App Challenge?

The App Challenge is run by the same group that brought you the VisitND Challenge last year, and includes people from the Office of the Executive Vice President, SAP, Innovation Park at Notre Dame and the Office of Information Technologies.

Can I/my team enter multiple ideas?

Absolutely! You can enter as many times as you like; however, only one idea per person can advance to Round 2, and if a person is on multiple teams, only one of those teams can advance to Round 2.h4.

Who owns the work created as part of the App Challenge?

Work created as part of the App Challenge is owned by the University of Notre Dame. However, that doesn’t mean we want to keep you from using what’s created. Depending on what you’d like to do with the created work after the Challenge concludes, we will work with you to find an arrangement that fits your needs.

I really want to participate, but am not sure where to start.

All you need to start is a great idea (which is sometimes easier said than done). It may help to think about things you have experienced that might be made better with an app — sharing information, collecting data, helping improve someone’s day. What apps do you use every day, and what makes them so useful? Ask yourself the question, “The most amazing app in the world would be one that ______” and see what comes to mind.

If I advance to Round 2, am I required to attend the help sessions?

You are not required to attend, but it is extremely recommended that you do, and your ability to present a well-thought and refined idea for Round 3 will be greatly improved if you do.